Bananaclips is a streetwear brand with a mission. To generate attention and donations for monkeys that die out. A brand that grows rapidly and is increasingly recognized by both the logo and the unique clothing designs. The logo and the designs are important indications for what we stand for as a brand. Bananaclips were created in response to the many felling of important forests. To make way for hardwood, arable farming, roads and the production of palm oil for margarine, ice cream, chocolate and, for example, ready-made meals. The large-scale logging is a major threat to various species of monkeys. The hunting of the monkeys also contributes to the threat of their extinction. The meat is known in other parts of the world as a protein-rich food source. A lot of monkey is eaten, especially in Asia and Africa. Only in Nigeria and Cameroon are 150,000 monkeys killed each year for meat consumption. There are 504 different types of primates. From little squirrel monkeys to large chimpanzees. The population of no less than 75 species is decreasing rapidly. 60 per cent are even threatened with extinction.
If we do nothing about this, there will be no more monkeys in 25 years!

Bananaclips are strong for the monkeys and their habitats. We work together with other organizations the first project that we are going to support is Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme that carry the monkeys and protect them.
Bananaclips wants to bring this problem to the attention and we will do this in this way. When you purchasing a piece of clothing, there is an exclusive gift that goes to the sumatran orangutan conservation program. The program is committed with heart and soul, just like Bananaclips does.
We want to motivate the youth as possible, to solve the problem together with us and the projects we support.